YO x Tanner Bates - The Everyday Belt

YO x Tanner Bates - The Everyday Belt

We are pleased to launch our collaboration with artisan leather workshop, Tanner Bates. We love to partner with likeminded people who share our ethos but have skills different to our own. 

This partnership came about thanks to the hides used to create the 'The Everyday Belt.' Many years ago we were lucky enough to visit J&FJ Baker, England's last Bark tannery, a true icon of British craftsmanship. Whilst touring the tannery we couldn't help but noticed piles of dead stock tanned hides that clearly hadn't moved for many years - these simply didn't meet the grade for use by the finest leather brands around the globe but were crying out to be utilised. 

Many years passed and by chance Tanner Bates got in contact. Whilst researching it appeared they had seen the same but with their skill had the ability to do something with these hides - it was too good to be true. 

We are pleased to be able to offer these belts to you - each slightly individual, beautifully made and will only get better with time. They will truly stand the test of time, never getting too floppy. They are also a symbol of British craftsmanship, resourcefulness and ingenuity.

There is sure to be more to come from our collaboration with Tanner Bates.